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Claudine Perlet

Will you be shaping the future or will you be left behind?

This is the decade of transformation. For business and beyond. Are you ready? Not sure? Here is what might be missing:

A cutting-edge program designed to equip you for challenging times, support you to up-skill, crystallize your role, the path for your business and the distinct contribution you and your company are here to make to creating a new, more sustainable business world.

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Cultivating a new world of business beyond the mainstream paradigm

We live in turbulent times. The next decades will show whether the world can come together as one resolving an ever greater number of severe challenges.

Or whether we will continue to muddle through, from crisis to crisis, never really solving anything in a definite and sustainable way. The one system uniquely positioned to facilitate rapid change is the world of business.

In fact, it’s the most potent and powerful tool available to humanity today. If we leave some long-held beliefs behind and finally get serious about using it!

Exactly what’s on your mind? Still playing along too often as sharing what you really think might be risky? Here’s why working with me may be for you:

You are not alone! More and more people realize that far deeper change is needed. I am one of them. I have walked away from a successful 20-year career in financial services to get new perspectives on innovation, change and the state of the world. I provide guidance and inspiration from my own transformative experience, not from hearsay or theory.
First Person Experience
You can clearly see it: It’s time to act! But redesigning business is complex, small adjustments are not enough, and bold steps require stamina and courage. Perseverance and holding a high level of complexity in challenging times are among my core strengths.
Holding Complexity
You are looking for a sounding board? Someone to co-develop or challenge your latest ideas? A thinking partner who understands all you have to deal with in your business, ventures and goals? Good! Brainstorm in a safe, wide open space where integrity and trust are a given. Speak your truth, explore and find workable solutions.
Safe House & Confidentiality

Ready to champion Paradigm Change?

If you are over „quick fix“ promises and your goal is to become a citizen of the future, a paradigm changer keen to also evolve personally, and invite some magic back into your life, chances are you’re in the right place. If you looking for shortcuts within the current paradigm, other offerings might be more suitable.

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You ask for more reasons?Here they are.

Rapid Up-Skilling

The need for rapid up-skilling is increasingly seen as non-negotiable for business leaders and companies who want to ensure their long-term survival. According to McKinsey the urgency of the matter cannot be overstated, and is more important than ever to address across industries.

Building Blocks

What’s not so clear: What kind of skills are needed in a world where a successful career and running a successful business will increasingly rest on a new set of building blocks:

  • Contributing to a sustainable future by creating and maintaining respective business models and companies.
  • Aligning outer actions and career ambitions with one’s values and self-image.

Fundamental Shift

This is a fundamental shift from what most of us grew up with. It requires putting long-held beliefs to the test and acquiring new skills and capabilities necessary to facilitate and hold the space for such a significant change for oneself and in business.

Relevant Content

Little of this is currently accessible in a coherent way. Often relevant content is scattered across silos, varies greatly in depth and quality, is too complex or oversimplified, and based on „quick fix“ promises that do not really work for people beyond the duration of a course, coaching program or consultancy mandate. The depth and magnitude of what it really takes has not made its way into curriculums and on board agendas.

Business Reinvented

Business Reinvented has been designed to fill part of this gap. To provide a blend of high-quality content and next level consulting that deeply connects personal development, sense-making and sustainable business model redesign & innovation. To empower you and your business become part of the solution to the systemic challenges of our times. It offers what I was looking for when I left my job, but could not find.

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