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My Mission

Providing next level consulting that deeply connects upskilling, sense-making and sustainable business model redesign & innovation to empower you and your business become part of the solution to the systemic challenges of our times.


My Goal

Create islands of “next culture” by building a network of like-minded senior professionals, companies and service providers to inspire new pathways and redefine the meaning of success in business. Together, change the corporate narrative over time, and create an exchange for compelling, purposeful business and career opportunities and transitions.


My Story and Professional Background

When I resigned from a 20-year career as an executive in financial services in 2017, I didn’t know what would come next. What I did know was that my career had lost purpose and that the definition of progress and success as defined by my surroundings increasingly did not match with my own. On top, I had been troubled for some time by a general feeling of unease that I couldn’t really put my finger on. Ultimately, it was now or never. I pulled the rug under my feet and stepped into the unknown.

My decision to ditch a successful career and well-paid job for an undefined outcome was inexplicable to many. After all I had almost everything we are supposed to want in Western culture. And, of course, I had doubts myself. But in the end, the urge to get some fresh air and make sense of a world that I could no longer explain to myself, as well as look for my own purpose and meaningful contribution, was stronger than my doubts.

In the absence of an instruction manual how to make sense of a world that’s changing at a staggering pace and find ones role and contribution, I decided to take it one step at a time. This was more easily said than done, and I quickly realized that my search would probably take a little longer than expected. I started following what felt right and invented my own itinerary.

Stepping into uncertainty was uncomfortable at times. But the urge to make better sense of this fast changing world and the prospect of ultimately making a more meaningful contribution was stronger than my doubts.
Uncertainty ahead!
photo depicting the person who focuses on the target #1
When I realized that my journey would take longer than expected and the tunnel started to feel endless, there was only one option: stay calm and keep going!
Persistence & more persistence
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Arriving at the other end, having gained much clarity about my feeling of unease as well as my purpose and mission was a truly life-changing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
Seeing the Light
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What followed was a time of substantially upgrading my operating system. Suddenly things I always wanted to do fell into my lap: I attended the SDG Financing for Development Conference at the UN in New York and DLD in Tel Aviv. I mentored start-ups at H-FARM in Venice and finally had time to complete Otto Scharmer’s u.lab: Leading from the Emerging Future at MITx before hosting my own project “economic transformation@scale” on the u.lab platform.

I also started to dig deeply into personal development and systems thinking. I certified as a coach, learned a lot about NLP, IFS and collective trauma along the way, and completed a year-long course on integral systems theory and integral life design. But there was more.

Every subsequent step opened my eyes further to the profound, interlocking crises we are  facing – ecological, economic and social – including the prospect that we are destroying the planet’s ability to support life as we know it. Right here was the answer to my general feeling of unease.

The other troubling discovery was just how much of the dominant reality of economics and finance – the business world I had mostly enjoyed being a part of for many years – formed much of the root cause of today’s systemic crisis. I started to dive deeply into new economic ideas, sustainable business models as well as novel legislation authorizing the incorporation of stakeholder focussed corporations.

I also co-founded the German initiative Neues Wirtschaftswunder which seeks to promote sustainable finance and business.

Eventually I decided …

… to dedicate the next phase of my life to contribute to making business part of the solution. To use my unique skill set and expertise to support as many business leaders, executives and professionals as possible to do the same.

Thanks to decades of working for well-established companies, I know first hand what business can accomplish once it sets sails. In fact, that the world of business is best positioned and THE key system if we really want to turn the ship. Making business part of the solution to 21st century challenges! A truly worthwhile endeavor to be part of.

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Sources of Inspiration

I wish to acknowledge that I have found great inspiration in the wisdom that these remarkable pioneers and organizations have brought and continue to bring to the world.

And many more …