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Future-proof your company and shape a new, sustainable business world. Here is how …

Claudine Perlet

Targets of the Program

  • Move from reactive and about to be outdated to empowered and future-proof
  • Become a champion at successfully innovating for the long-run and considering the whole
  • Regain a deep sense of purpose thanks to the full alignment of your true values with your outer actions


Key milestoneswhen working with me
The Paradigm Changer Program
  • Instinctively, you know severe change will and must happen. But how? If you are serious about making a difference in your world, you better be damn sure you understand what it means for your business, industry and career, and how it all fits with your vision of the future and what you want to be remembered for.

    Therefore, taking a moment to make good sense of our rapidly changing world and laying out the territory to determine your starting point is time well invested. The exercise has a welcomed side effect: the feeling of always being a little behind, reactive, and worried about what comes next turns into clarity, a sense of empowerment and curiosity how to work with the challenges and turn them into opportunities.

    All insights will form the basis of a milestone plan for the journey ahead.

  • You cannot change what you cannot see. Time to go one level deeper and take stock: Your current business and ALL aspects of its current reality. And your role. No taboos! Based on this newfound clarity, moving on to exploring a potential future role of your company and yourself will likely differ from your standard planning exercises.

    Instead of trying to construct the future from elements of the past, the modern strategist uses a blend of intellect and intuition to identify new possibilities. Come with a high level of curiosity, a willingness to step outside outdated scripts and be surprised.

    Again, there’s a nice side effect: the struggle with legacy approaches that weren’t designed for our times, and the inability to image a world where things are truly different, ends once you cross the threshold and start to work off new scripts.

    The module concludes with a great sense of certainty about the status quo and a strong inner commitment to boldly move forward.

  • From imagination to real world action: Time to ground the vision and get serious about addressing the gap between present and desired future state. What resources and skills will be required? How can they be organized? How courages are you?

    How much risk are you willing to take and is it wise? Will you be able to get relevant stakeholders – peers, colleagues, employees, investors, shareholders – excited about your ideas? What does it take to get them on board?

    What’s realistic right now? What may be for later? All will be built into an immediately actionable plan for implementation. Designed to provide certainty and step-by-step guidance how to make your vision a reality and lead your business into a truly sustainable and successful future.

    And if you think you could do with some extra support during implementation, we can talk about that, too.

Working with me is for you, if you are

  • Frustrated with how big business operates, particularly with the focus on short-term results over real progress
  • Passionate about the huge difference business could make and called to be a catalyst for change
  • Willing and able to make the time and space and are ready to truly lean in

It is not for you, if you are

  • Looking for quick fixes within the current paradigm
  • Hanging on to long-held beliefs with no ambition to change that

Sounds promising?20 minutes is all we need to start

Still not quite sure? If this sounds familiar, we really should talk

  • You have already achieved a lot, are influential and have a sharp mind. You are running a large company, business unit or are heading a high performing team. You are an expert in your field and a truly successful leader in your very own way.
  • You could just continue with business as usual, but can’t help see the writing on the wall. If we want to preserve life as we know it, we must not only change the way we run our companies, but reinvent our entire approach to business and the economic model that served us for so many decades.
  • You have already started to use your position of power to make adjustments, but deep down you know it’s not enough. You know, voicing what you really think is risky.  In your quiet moments, you sometimes fear that you may even have holes in your knowledge that prevent you from taking bolder action. What you know for sure:  There is no turning back.
  • You are tired of pointless meetings and a focus on short-term results over real progress. You are passionate about joining forces with leaders who think and feel like you. Who are courages, creative and keen to make business part of the solution to 21st century challenges.
  • You know it’s nothing that can be done on the side. That it requires your full commitment, changing gears, and courageously stepping into uncertainty. You are driven by the fact that markets are the greatest social technology ever invented to solve human challenges. And that we must use them now.

Champion paradigm change now